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Welcome!   This website was created by and for residents living in or around the Greater Kingston Area as an informational community resource.  A site by neighbors for neighbors, we welcome your input for additional info or links.  To be added to our confidential monthly updates and alerts list,  or to send requests and/or ideas, please contact us at  

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Website Updated: 9/22/2023
Publication of organization names or links does not constitute GKCA endorsement of any associated individuals, groups or their activities.
Publication of organization names or links does not constitute GKCA 
endorsement of any associated individuals, groups or their activities.
All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.  
Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968) 
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  
Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978)
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ROUTE 70 is a major thoroughfare through our town and of importance locally and regionally. Traffic on and around the highway impacts our neighborhood directly and indirectly. GKCA remains committed to limiting the impact of pass-through traffic on our community. In 2004, NJDOT published a "Route 70 Concept Development Study", which included the following NJDOT graphics of the Kingston/Westgate and Covered Bridge/Frontage Road intersections with Route 70: 
        [NJDOT Graphic 1: Kingston/Rt. 70]     [NJDOT Graphic 2: Covered Bridge/Rt. 70]

Official reports and documents on 2021 construction projects were to have been posted as they become available from officials. Visit ROUTE  70 for historical information on modification proposals and community input and reaction to proposals. 


2018 Cherry Hill Township Master Plan
​​​2018 10-09 Two years not enough time for Cherry Hill proposed master plan - Courier Post
2018 10-10 After hours of public comment, CH Planning Board adopts 2018 Master Plan - Cherry Hill Sun
2018 10-12 In Cherry Hill’s new master plan, I find a lot to like. But some west side residents don’t -
Want to stay informed? Check agendas of upcoming meetings to be aware of implementation of Master Plan features:
Planning Board Agenda
Zoning Board of Adjustment Agenda
Town Council Agenda - no agenda link found
Public Notice of Meetings


911 is for emergencies only.  To report suspicious activity, call the CHPD Non-Emergency Dispatch at (856) 665-1200. 
For non-emergency questions or concerns, call the Police Information at (856) 488-7828. 

The CHPD Community Response Unit is available every day by utilizing the email address or telephone number 856-488-7813.

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     2022:     Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Tips      Bike Theft Prevention Tips

Lock It or Lose It - Follow these tips to help protect you from being a victim. Theft from vehicles are most often crimes of opportunity in which a thief sees an easy target. Reduce the chances that a criminal will want to break into your vehicle by taking some preventative steps.
  • Lock your car anytime you park.
  • Use theft deterrent systems such as car alarms or anti-theft device, as they can be an effective deterrent.
  • Always park in well-lit, well-traveled areas. This helps deter thieves because the car and anything inside is more visible. Keep the exterior of your residence well-lit.
  • Remove all loose items of value such as loose change, cell phones, laptops or tablets, jewelry, handbags, etc. whether at home or another location.
  • Contact police if you see someone acting suspiciously. If it looks out of the ordinary to you, do not hesitate to call the Cherry Hill Police at 856-665-1200. Remember you can remain anonymous when you call.

Residential Security Camera Program - Do you have a doorbell camera or an outdoor surveillance system? These systems have proven helpful while investigating crimes that have occurred not only at the residence, but in the immediate area. 
  • The Cherry Hill Police Department is inviting any resident that maintains their own security system to send us an e-mail at including your name, address, and a contact phone number or e-mail where you can be reached in the event a criminal investigation is initiated in your area. 
  • The Investigative Unit would maintain a confidential log of those residences with surveillance systems and if contacted, you can decide if you would be willing to provide access to any images or videos.

PROJECT MEDICINE DROP                                                       
Reporting suspicious activity: GUIDELINES                                                                       
ALERT: Grandparent Scam                                                                 
ALERT: Service Call Scams

Sign up for Nixle alerts so that you can be notified of the latest information from the Cherry Hill Police Department. Notifications include COVID-19 alerts, traffic alerts, weather alerts, upcoming township events, criminal activity, and more. For more information on how to sign up please see the link:

CHPD Social Media


820 Mercer Street, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

 ***All meetings will be in person and/or virtually via Zoom due to COVID-19 ***

2023 Council Meetings:
Caucus at 7:00pm
Tuesday, September 26
Tuesday, October 10    Monday, October 23
Monday, November 13    Monday, November 27
     Monday, December 11    Wednesday, December 27

2023 Planning Board Meetings:
Caucus at 7:00pm
Monday, October 02     Monday, October 16
Monday, November 06     Monday, November 20
Monday, December 04     Monday, December 18

2023 Zoning Board of Adjustment Meetings:
Caucus at 7:00pm
Thursday, September 21
Thursday, October 05     Thursday, October 19
Thursday, November 02
Thursday, December 07     Thursday, December 21

Registry of APPOINTED Volunteer Municipal Positions - (updated 1/2023)
Cherry Hill Township Planning Board   -   Zoning Board of Adjustment   -   Public Library Board of Trustees 
Rent Review Board   -   Senior Citizens Advisory Board   -   Historical Commission   -   Environmental Board 
Advisory Cultural Arts Board   ​ -   Alliance on Alcohol & Drug Abuse   -   Recreation Commission  
 Registry of VACANT Volunteer Municipal Positions (updated 12/2022)
Application for Appointment to Volunteer Boards
Info about Township Boards for Community Volunteers


Camden City Hall, 6th Floor 520 Market Street, Camden (registration required) 
or via Live Stream - 12:00pm - 1:00pm 
          Tuesday, September 19
      Tuesday, October 17
               Monday, November 6      
           Tuesday, December 12 

Electronic waste and fluorescent bulbs can be recycled at the Department of Public Works at 1 Perina Blvd. in Cherry Hill 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff is available from 7am to 3pm weekdays to collect and store these items. 
During off-hours, a drop-off station is set up outside the building. 

Cherry Hill Public Schools Website 
Proposed Super Wawa on Rt. 70:
Application withdrawn by the developer

The Executive Committee of GKCA met with the developer, reviewed the proposed Super Wawa plans & voiced our concerns. We partnered with the Preserve Barclay Group in efforts to prevent actions that we believed would adversely impact our neighborhood.

2023 09-18 Vision For Cherry Hill Shopping Center Brings Hope To Residents
2022 12-26 Barclay-Kingston Super Wawa Application Withdrawn
2022 12-21 Shopping center owner drops highly controversial plan for Super Wawa at Barclay Farm in Cherry Hill
2022 10-28 Barclay Pavilion office building in Cherry Hill coming down. Will a new Super Wawa be up next?
2022 08-30 Barclay Farm center owner plans to raze 52-year-old building
2021 12-14 Recording: Super Wawa Update (Zoom)  Learn about/see the plans & options discussed to-date. 
2021 12-13 Barclay Farm Shopping Center owner working with neighbors to make redevelopment more acceptable
2021 10-12 Under siege: Can the landscaped median on Cherry Hill's West Gate Drive survive growth? 
2021 09-27 Cherry Hill Council president to DOT: Say 'no' to Wawa removal of roadway islands 
2021 09-16 Council formally opposes roadway alterations for proposed super Wawa 
2021 09-13 Group of Cherry Hill residents fighting against proposed super Wawa  
2021 09-13 Cherry Hill Council: Do not eliminate neighborhood street medians to make way for a Super Wawa 
2021 09-12 These Cherry Hill neighborhoods don’t want another Wawa 
2021 08-29 Opinion: We don't need another Wawa in Cherry Hill
2021 08-26 Residents implore Council to take steps in preserving Barclay Farms area
2021 08-21 Opinion: New Super Wawa plan may not be so convenient for Cherry Hill residents
2021 08-18 Letter from Township Council President David Fleisher to NJDOT re neighborhood medians
2021 08-18 Cherry Hill commercial growth builds tax base, but planned Wawa upsets neighbors 
2021 08-17 Cherry Hill Township Council scrutinizing Barclay Farm Super Wawa proposal
2021 08-05 Barclay Farm neighbors in Cherry Hill have Super Wawa proposal in their sights
2021 06-24 How a new Super Wawa likely will erase a bit of Cherry Hill history
2021-01-11 Wawa Traffic Study update from 03-28-2019 and 03-20-2020
2016 05-23 Cherry Hill Township Sustainability Roadmap               Preserve Barclay Facebook Page